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I run an OSINT community named "Osint For All”. The aim of it is to educate every Internet user about OSINT and technology in general, to counter media and political narratives about information.


Short Story Long

Imagine there was a time machine, that could bring back things from the past; are these things considered antique if we can create them now. Even though we come a long way since the days of HTML & CSS, they still are the building blocks of the web. This site is to celebrate the spirit of Neocities and needless to say, it's always subject to cool new changes.

I'm a technologist, just because of the mere fact that advanced societies have thrived in the cradle of technology. Today, information is democratised by the means of the Internet. There are millions of communities across the Internet who share free knowledge and build open-source projects and are always curious about new things that come out every day for the better or worse. And I'm a part of that crowd.

I started using computers at the age of 20. For a Gen Z, it's kind of late. At the age of 21-22ish, I got more access to the Internet, which opened my mind to new possibilities, vivid ideas, things that were hard to believe and so on. So technically, I didn't experience the Web 1.0 or the early Web 2.0!

The “nostalgic” things that I could bring to the table might be my experiences growing up in suburban localities of India and some memories from childhood. I'm a film buff. I will be sharing great insights on some good movies or TV shows as well.

I had some encounters with this magic machine called a computer which stayed in my memory for a split second as it would go away when I was very close to touching it or experiencing it. It was not mine back then. The cravings cannot stay for a long time if you haven't experienced them in the past, right?

I will try to remember every single story from childhood about my interaction with computers, whether it's in the form of playing games on a relative's friend's PC or some things that were taught in school or something else. I promise!

What's The Deal?

Through my experience of being on the Internet for about 5–6 years, I have learnt a lot. I personally like websites that are relatively fast, ad-free if possible (but anyway, thanks to the ad blockers these days) and aesthetically pleasing for the beholder's eye!

I'll try to adhere to some cultural norms of Neocities such as building websites with classical HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have gone through some amazing webpages here. They are awesome, and I really encourage you to go through them as much as possible.

Furthermore, I'll try to make tutorials about HTML and CSS like others, but in more depth and will be more inclined towards the styles of Neocities. And in the future, I'll teach you how to learn front end development at your own curiosity and phase.